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Most deadly times to drive

An important part of defensive driving is to make good choices about when and where you drive. To help you minimize your risk, we've compiled some useful facts. Putting them all together suggests that you run the least risk of a fatal crash by driving on Christmas Day between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. The risk is even lower if Christmas falls on a Monday.

How they connect right drive roads to left drive roads at borders

Some countries in Africa, Asia and South America have land borders where drivers must change to the other side of the road. 66% of the world’s population lives in countries that drive on the right side of the road while the remaining 34% live in countries that drive on the left side.

6 of the Most Badass Classic Cars You Can Find Today

When you think of cool cars, you probably think of those insanely contoured rides that the rich and famous drive, or maybe you picture the luxury vehicles like the Rolls-Royce where you hardly expect them to drive it at all. For some, those cars don’t represent the true meaning of what it is to feel the thrill of owning an automobile.

Top 10 Dangerous Road Hazards

There are many different hazard types and learning what they are supplies a driver with a tool to drive safely. Road hazards are responsible for many motor vehicle accidents.

The oldest roads in the world

The oldest constructed roads discovered to date are in former Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. These stone paved streets date back to about 4000 B.C. in the Mesopotamia cities of Ur and Babylon. The location in the land of the Sumerian people offered fertile soil and, with irrigation, crops and livestock were raised successfully. The Sumerians used meticulous brick-making skills, forming identical mud bricks for building. After drying they would take them to the site of a temple and set them in place with bitumen. Bitumen is the natural sticky black substance in asphalt. Centuries would pass before asphalt was used in Europe and America.

The World's Worst Driver?

This one could be, probably, the World’s worst driver. This Asian driver was caught in China hitting pedestrians, then making a run for it hitting two cars and running over a scooter driver!

5 Most Common Regulatory Street Signs

Some drivers feel that regulatory road signs are put in place simply to annoy them - perhaps to slow down their speed, or to prevent right turns on a red light. However, despite what you may think about regulatory road signs, they have all been put in place for your safety, and to help regulate traffic flow.

Why Am I Receiving Mail Regarding My Car Warranty?

Have you noticed an increase in the number of car warranty offers you've received in the mail? You're not alone. Many consumers have reported receiving postcards informing them that their automobile warranties are about to expire.

The UK’s Most Dangerous Roads

Although the UK doesn’t have the dangerous mountains roads you’d find in places such as New Zealand, some of the roads still pose dangers and claim lives year on year.

The 10 Cities With the Most Drunk Driving Incidents

If you are expecting to find big cities on this list like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, think again. Likely due to the prevalence of good public transportation systems and alternative transport options like taxis and plenty of ride-share options, these cities are all below the national average for drunk DUI rates.

Things you need to know when you drive in a high mountain road

Driving in a high mountain road can be a wonderful experience. But if you are not used, be warned, because it can be dangerous. Not only in winters...

Top 4 technologies capable of significantly reducing the number of road accidents

In a society that is changing so rapidly with each passing year, it doesn’t come as a surprise that various technological inventions are altering how we lead our daily lives. More and more innovations are being created to solve the common problems faced by the mankind.

Top Ten Most-Powerful Electric Motorbikes

Stereotypes die hard. But let this sink in for a second: Harley-Davidson, the company known for its ear-drum bursting “hogs” has declared its electric-powered LiveWire the most powerful bike it’s ever produced – the times they are a ‘changing.

Missouri’s Most Accident-Prone Roads Revealed

Missouri’s Highway 63 is well-known for being the state’s most dangerous road, with an average of 15 fatal accidents occurring every year. But it’s not just Highway 63 that's particularly treacherous for drivers in Missouri, as the state is home to multiple other roads that cause endless accidents each year.

E-Bikes - The Vehicles of the Future

E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity, with thousands and thousands being sold every year. However, this shouldn’t be considered too much of a threat to traditional bikes.

Best SUV's for Most dangerous roads

The real adventure lies in driving on those dangerous roads. If you love driving on those off-beat unpaved roads where few dare to drive, well, you need to take a good look at your SUV. 

State Route 99 Voted ‘Most Dangerous U.S. Road’

State Route 99 (SR-99) in California has been voted the most dangerous road in the U.S. Figures show that for every hundred miles, thirty four lives are lost.

The deadliest UK Road Accident Statistics

We looked at the latest DVLA and UK Gov statistics to find the most dangerous situations on UK roads. From age and gender to left vs right turns, we’ve statistical found the most common situations for road accidents. For instance- statistically, in the UK, you are most likely to have an accident as a 20-29 female, driving a car to work, when making a right turn on an urban road at a T junction.

The Perilous Link Between Addiction And Vehicular Accidents

Over the years, substance abuse has been among the greatest road safety problems.

Common Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Every state has its own particular guidelines dictating car insurance and what type of coverage you need. For example, car insurance rules in Pennsylvania may differ from Florida, which may vary from California.

Gathering Evidence Information After a Car Accident

In the event you find yourself in a car accident, you may not be thinking too clearly when it happens. At that time, you may have to concentrate on getting out of harm’s way to avoid further damage to your car or injuries to yourself and the other occupants of your car.

Highest Death Tolls Motorists Should Not Become a Part of

Speed thrills. We all know the next part. Most people who might argue on this would probably talk about how the thrill is worth it. Yes, it is. If you’re searching for dangerous roads and extreme adventure that pushes you the edge of your existence, you’re okay for the thrill.

The Most Dangerous Roads in the UK

In the UK, many people travel to work on a daily basis. With the vast amount of traffic that is present on daily commutes, it is essential for drivers to know where to go and what to avoid.

California's Central Valley Has Some of the Worst Roads in the USA

Central Valley drivers might feel their heated complaints about all the potholes on local roads get ignored, but now they have some research to back them up.

A Closer Look at the Different Vehicle Collision Causes and What You Could Do to Avoid Them

There are many different factors that can cause a vehicle collision. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the most common causes and what you can do to avoid them. We will also discuss the consequences of a collision and what to do if you are involved in one.

How Can Companies Secure The Safety Of Their Drivers?

Company drivers are the backbone of many businesses. They transport goods and services to customers and help keep businesses running. It is therefore important for companies to take measures to ensure the safety of their drivers. This blog post will discuss some ways that companies can do this.

Most Dangerous Roads in the UK

A new analysis of government data taking into account crash sites across the UK for motorcyclists has established the most dangerous roads in the UK and where to watch out for, especially if you’re exploring the country on a bike in the near future.

Driving long distance? Here’s what you shouldn’t do

Are you planning a long-distance journey? Whether it's for work or for fun, driving for long periods can certainly take its toll unless you do some adequate planning first.

How To Stay Safe When Driving A Truck On A Dangerous Road

When driving a truck, safety is of the utmost importance. Trucks are larger and heavier than cars, and they can cause a lot of damage if they get into an accident.

Are Motorcycle Accidents Handled Differently Than Car Crashes? Find Out Here

Motorcycle accidents can be serious. In fact, they can often be more serious than car accidents. This is because motorcycles provide less protection than cars in the event of a crash. For this reason, it is important to know how motorcycle accidents are handled by the legal system. In this blog post, we will discuss how motorcycle accidents are different from car crashes and what you need to do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

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