New Jersey Casino Highways: 7 Dangerous Roads to Avoid

New Jersey Casino Highways: 7 Dangerous Roads to Avoid

If you’re planning to visit one of New Jersey’s many Lavish casinos, there’s something you should know. Garden State has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. Some of these routes are the only roads you can use to visit certain casinos.

But in some cases, you can take alternative routes. In this article, we share the ten dangerous roads to avoid whenever you visit New Jersey. Also, discover why they are terrible and how to drive safely if you must use them.

Route 295

Route 295 is an interstate highway that connects Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey. It's a highly trafficked route that can lead you to multiple cities in the three mentioned states. According to, however, highway 295 is a hotspot for accidents with up to 220 crashes every year. 
The most dangerous section is a 4-mile stretch that starts at Bellmawr and ends in Warwick Road. A carving in the area, coupled with high traffic for people intersecting to and from Philadelphia, makes the area extremely dangerous.
If you have to use route 295, the best option is to drive carefully. Most accidents in the region are caused by drivers switching lanes carelessly.

Route 280

Route 280 is a 17.85-mile stretch from Newark to Morris County. It runs primarily through suburbs, but a narrow interchange with Garden Parkways attracts up to 260 crashes every year.
With 80,000 cars traveling through this route daily, the number might not seem too high for some. Still, you want to be safe no matter which casino you’re visiting in Garden State.
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Garden State Parkway

Also known as Route 444, Garden State Parkway stretches from Jersey's most southern tip all the way to New York. It traverses through the heart of Atlantic City, so this is a popular route for people visiting casinos.
But get this, it has up to 260 accidents annually. In 2015, these crashes cost the lives of 32 people. In all fairness, though, Route 444 is the longest and the busiest toll road in Jersey, so accidents aren’t entirely unavoidable.
Like Route 295, most accidents in Garden Parkway are a result of over speeding and dangerous driving. If you must drive this route, drive carefully. Lookout for trucks and buses—the road is full of them.

Route 287

Like several other highways in Garden State, Route 287 was created out of the need for a road that connected New Jersey and New York. It’s a beltway road that serves two counties in the Big Apple and several counties in Jersey.
As you would expect, Route 287 is a highly trafficked highway with up to 100,000 cars traveling on the road daily. This high traffic, especially between Foothill Road and Franklin, leads to over 280 crashes yearly.
Fortunately, Route 287 isn't the only route to Bally's, Borgata, Hard Rock, or Harrah's Casino. There are numerous alternatives with far fewer crashes annually.  If you have to use the highway, though, slow down near intersections. These are the most common accident hotspots.

Route 17

Route 17 is a 9.46-mile located in northern New Jersey and divided into two. Like many roads on this list, high-traffic combined with numerous intersections and corners are the leading causes of accidents in Route 17.
In 2015, the road had the highest number of crashes in New Jersey, with 253 accidents. Things have gotten better since then. But there are about 200 reported accidents annually.
Fortunately, Route 17 is one of many roads to get to Atlantic City. If you want to avoid the 120,000+ cars that cruise through this highway daily, you have many options. If you must use it, observe traffic signals.

Route 78

Route 78 is a high traffic road that connects Philadelphia with New York through Jersey. It is one of the deadliest routes in NJ. An accident is reported on the 67.83-mile stretch nearly every month.
The most dangerous section of the road is near its intersection with Garden State Parkway. About 230 accidents occur within a two-mile stretch. As you’ve probably guessed, the primary cause of crashes here is the insanely huge number of cars driven at any time of the day.
Statistically, about 145,000 cars pass through the intersection connecting Route 78 to Garden State Parkway. So, it does not come as a surprise to many drivers that accidents occur in the region. With that in mind, the best way to stay safe while driving in Route 78 is to be careful.

Route 37

Route 37 is one of the most dangerous roads in New Jersey, even though it's not a very high-traffic route. On average, close to 30,000 cars use the way to get to Atlantic City or visit the beachside of Garden State.
So, what makes Route 37 dangerous? Traffic signals, narrow stretches, and pedestrians are the leading causes of crashes. As a result, the only way to avoid a collision in the route is to drive slowly. There are just too many pedestrians along the road to speed and keep everyone safe.

Your Turn

New Jersey is one of the best places to experience gambling entertainment. But it’s also home to dozens of dangerous roads. Some routes are unavoidable if you want to visit the city’s best casinos.
But you also don't have to leave your house to play casino games at Garden State. Choose wisely—drive carefully to land-based casinos or avoid these altogether by playing casino games online. 

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NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.