Trans-Andean Highway, a drive you'll never forget

Carretera Trasandina is a true adventure in the heart of the Venezuelan Andes. It’s one of the most delightful drives in South America.

Trans-Andean Highway

The road, also known as 1 national/Troncal road and 7 national/Troncal road, is 1.082km (672mi) long, running from the city of Caracas on the center of the country to the city of San Antonio del Táchira on the Colombian border. It’s totally paved, with some concrete sections. The highway was built during the government of Juan Vicente Gómez and was inaugurated on July 24, 1925. A significant number of prisoners were involved in its construction.

Trans-Andean Highway runs through the Venezuelan states of Mérida, Trujillo and Táchira and tops out at Collado del Cóndor, a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.050m (13,287ft) above the sea level. The highway is prone to landslides after rains and heavy mist. Open to traffic throughout the year, the road may be closed for short periods in winter when the weather is bad. Many parts of the road have potholes and deteriorated asphalt, especially the western side, in the state of Tachira. It is not very well maintained.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic: Robert Peña