Carretera San Francisco de Mosca-Antapirca

Road San Francisco de Mosca-Antapirca

Carretera San Francisco de Mosca-Antapirca is a high mountain road located in the Pasco region, in central Peru. The road runs entirely over 2.000m above the sea level.

Located at the top of the Andean mountains, the road is gravel. It’s 10.9km long from San Francisco de Mosca (Huanuco region) to Antapirca (Pasco Region). After rain, even a single rainfall, conditions of the road can be challenging. Expect a trail pretty steep with 23 hairpin turns. Its highest elevation is at 3.570m (11,712ft) above the sea level. This is definitely not a Sunday drive. Drive with care as this is a mountain road with dangerous dropoffs. Very narrow.


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