Carretera LI-117

Road LI-117

Located in the Lima Region of Peru, the Carretera LI-117 is a high mountain road with hairpin turns and dangerous dropoffs.

The road links the villages of Cieneguilla, at 370m above the sea level in Cieneguilla district and Huarochiri, at 3.151m above the sea level. The road is mostly unpaved with some asphalted sections. It’s impassable for 2 cars at the same time. Bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters (many hundreds of feet) unprotected by guardrails, the route demands 100% concentration. It’s 109 km long. 

Located in the Andes mountain range, it’s a high mountain road, climbing up to 3.932m (12,900ft) above the sea level. Do not take this drive if you have respiratory problems or any type of heart condition. Notorius lack of oxygen that tests the organisms and a high degree of steepness. Most people feel altitude sickness at around 2,500-2,800 meters. Extremely low oxygen for engine combustion. A major hazard of altitude is the sickness that can indiscriminately affect anyone regardless of age or fitness. The summit has about 40% less oxygen than at sea level, thus breathing is more difficult. Your pulse rate will increase and movement will be more laborious at the summit. The high elevation with its risk of altitude sickness, weather concerns, steep road grade, and overall inaccessibility make the pass dangerous and summit trips difficult.