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Highest roads of Peru

Located in western South America, Peru extends for nearly 1,500 mi (2,414 km) along the Pacific Ocean. Ice-capped and imposing, the highest mountains in the country rise up from the Andes, reaching heights above 20,000 feet.

Highest mountain roads of Peru:

Mountain roadElevationRegionSurface
Mina Acumulación Mariela5.298m (17,381ft)MoqueguaGravel
Abra Azuca5.190m (17,027ft) Cusco/ApurimacGravel
Mina Santa Rosa5.133m (16,840ft)PunoGravel
La Rinconada5.130m (16,830ft)PunoGravel
Abra Loncopata5.119m (16,795ft)ArequipaGravel
Huayunca5.115m (16,781ft)ApurimacGravel
Abra Arcata5.101m (16,735ft)ArequipaGravel
Abra Quenco5.101m (16,735ft)ArequipaGravel
Abra Huayraccasa5.059m (16.597ft)HuancavelicaGravel
Abra Huarcaya5.057m (16,591ft)ArequipaGravel
Laguna Ninococha5.016m (16,456 ft)HuánucoGravel
Abra Huacullo5.016m (16,456 ft)ApurímacGravel

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