Kahuish Tunnel is one of the world's highest tunnels

Tunel de Kahuish is a high mountain tunnel at an elevation of 4.516m (14,816ft) above sea level, located in Ancash, a region of Peru. It’s one of the world's highest tunnels.

Kahuish Tunnel

Where is Kahuish Tunnel?

The tunnel is located in the northern part of the country, within the Huascarán National Park, a national park in the Cordillera Blanca, a range of the Andes, in Ancash. Right behind the tunnel is a pretty impressive statue of Christ (Cristo Blanco) looking into the valley.

When was the Kahuish Tunnel built?

The tunnel was built as part of the Road Plan started in 1927 by President Augusto Bernardino Leguía y Salcedo. The construction involved frequent accidents due to the extensive use of dynamite for drilling and blasting through the rock. Despite these challenges, the tunnel was completed by the end of 1941 and underwent further improvements in 2007.

Is the road through the Kahuish Tunnel paved?

It is traversed by the AN-110 road, between Huaraz and Chavin. The tunnel leads through the valley of river Santa over the ridge of Cordillera Blanca to the valley of Marañon. The road is paved on the west side and mostly unpaved on the east side.

How long is Kahuish Tunnel?

The unlit tunnel is situated at the highest point of the main road and it’s one of the longest tunnels of the country. The tunnel is 483.67m (1,586.84ft) long. There’s no old road over the top of the ridge, so bicyclists must pass through it.