LM-106 is a Peruvian epic road through the iconic Catajambo Canyon

Carretera 106 (LM-106) is a very challenging road straddling the boundary between Ancash and Lima regions of Peru.

Carretera 106 (LM-106)

How long is LM-106 road in Peru?

The road is 140 km (86.99 miles) long, running west-east from Pativilca (the capital of the district Pativilca in the province Barranca in the region Lima) towards Cajatambo (in the province Cajatambo). The road is very steep, starting at 54m (177ft) above the sea level, and ending at 3.457m (11,341ft) above the sea level.

Is LM-106 road in Peru paved?

The road was totally paved in 2019. The asphalt is of very poor quality. In addition, the width of the road in some sections is less than 3 meters causing fatal accidents due to its narrowness. Tucked away on the eastern central coast of Peru, the drive is very scenic, running through the iconic Catajambo Canyon and climbing up to Subida a Cajatambo, a stretch with 25 hairpin turns. The road features dangerous drop offs.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic: Walter Joel Alvarado Miranda