Subida a Cajatambo (Carretera 106)

Subida a Cajatambo (Road 106)

Scary high mountain unpaved road, surfing among precipices, blind curves, and dangerous hairpins, with a total length of 115km. Carretera 106 (official name of this dirt track) starts in the city of Paramonga and finishes in the municipality of Cajatambo, Peru.

Carretera 106 starts in Paramonga, a city located in the Paramonga District, one of five districts of the province Barranca in Peru. After 3 hours driving, the road arrives to a small town called Cajatambo, Province of Cajatambo, located in one of nine provinces in the Lima Region of Peru. Cajatambo is bordered to the north by the Ancash Region, to the east by the Huánuco Region, to the south by the Oyón Province, and to the west by the Huaura Province.

During and after a storm the road may be impassable, even with a four-wheel-drive vehicle and can easily get muddy if it rains making it challenging to get through.