The treacherous road to Salto del Tequendama

Salto del Tequendama, the Tequendama Falls, is one of the Colombia’s major tourist attractions. Located in the municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama, it’s a 132m high waterfall on the Bogotá River.

Salto del Tequendama

The mountain road to the waterfall is paved. Rain, fog and storms make the drive really treacherous. Near the waterfall there’s a luxurious hotel, called Hotel del Salto. It opened in 1928 to welcome wealthy travelers visiting the Tequendama Falls area. Situated just opposite to the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff, it provided a breathtaking view to its guests. During the next decades though, Bogotá river was contaminated and tourists gradually lost their interest to the area. The hotel finally closed down in the early 90's and was left abandoned ever since. The position of the hotel to enjoy the vista is second to none. Situated opposite the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff, it provided breathtaking views to its once many guests. The fact that many people in the past chose that spot to commit suicide, made others believe that the hotel is haunted.