Carretera 37

Road 37

Carretera 37 is a mountain road located in southern Colombia with a length of 196 km (121 miles), going within the foothills of the Cordillera Central.

The road is asphalted, but includes very narrow parts on sand/gravel sections. It’s located near the National Archeological Park of Tierradentro, with stunning views of the Nevado del Huila volcano. This serpentine road links Garzon, a town and municipality in the Huila Department and Corinto, a town in the Cauca Department.
2019 Update: The road is closed due to drug cartel fightings. It’s probably blocked since 2018.
Road suggested by: Sven Förster


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NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.