Laguna de la Azufrera

Driving the road to Laguna de la Azufrera is not a piece of cake

Laguna de la Azufrera is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 4.288m (14,068ft) above the sea level, located in the Región de Antofagasta, in Chile.

The road to the lake is called B-885. It’s a 4x4 track. Do not travel this road in severe weather conditions. The climb is simply terrible, with a notorius lack of oxygen that tests the organisms and a high degree of steepness. Most people feel altitude sickness at around 2,500-2,800 meters. The surface on this gravel road is often loose, especially along the sides of the road. This track can get very muddy and slippery after rain making it challenging to get through. During and after a storm the road may be impassable, even with a four-wheel-drive vehicle.


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