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Ruta CH-265

Located in the Aysén Region of the Chilean Patagonia, the gravel road Ruta CH-265 is one of the world's most scenic drives.The road follows the shores of the General Carrera Lake. Unpredictable, grueling, unsafe and tough, but yet captivating, charming and strikingly beautiful!

The road is 124 km long. It links Puerto Guadal and Chile Chico, on the Argentinian border. The surface of the road includes excessive dirt, stone and sand. Only the last kilometers, near Argentina are asphalted. This route has some parts kind a like a roller coaster where it is always up and down up and down.

This amazingly scenic drive along the lake tests the skill, and courage, of any driver. It’s definitely not for anyone suffering from vertigo or a fear of landslides. There are very dangerous curves on this road and as you coming downhill to a sharp curve. Most part of this rough road is cruel and in intense condition. This road is frequently used and by people driving much faster than the speed limit. The road is very dangerous, with lots of mountains and stiff hills. Make sure you have plenty of food because there isn't any stores for 200 kilometers. Expect amazing stiff hills, wind and rain.

The drive is definitely worth it. There are many excellent photo opportunities. Don't forget your camera with lots of film/memory and fully charged batteries! Stunning and fascinating views just completely takes you over and really make you forget the roughness. The route itself is stunning and you can enjoy views of a gorgeous lake, islands and adjacent forest from the cliffside overhanging the lake.


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