What are the highest roads in Chile?

Located in South America, Chile is a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The world's longest country is marked by a narrow depression between the mountains and the sea.

Highest roads of Chile

Highest roads of Chile:

Mountain pass Elevation Zone Surface
Ojos del Salado 6.891m (22,608ft) Atacama Gravel
Volcan Tacora 5.980m (19,620ft) Arica-Parinacota Gravel
Volcán Ollagüe 5.868m (19,251ft) Antofagasta Gravel
Refugio Tejos 5.800m (19,000ft) Atacama Gravel
Volcán Putana 5.779m (18,959ft) Antofagasta Gravel
Cerro Sairécabur 5.753m (18,874ft) Atacama Gravel
Cerro del Azufre 5.702m (18,707ft) Antofagasta Gravel
Cerro Chajnantor 5.635m (18,487ft) Atacama Gravel
Curiquinca 5.625m (18,454ft) Atacama Gravel
Volcan Tacora 5.590m (18,339ft) Arica-Parinacota Gravel
Cerro Azufrera 5.553m (18,218ft) Atacama Gravel
Umurata 5,542m (18,182ft) Arica-Parinacota Gravel
Portezuelo Sairécabur 5.541m (18,179ft) Atacama Gravel
Sairécabur Telescope 5.525m (18,127ft) Atacama Gravel
Volcán Acotango 5.509m (18,074ft) Arica-Parinacota Gravel
Aucanquilcha 5.500m (18,044ft) Antofagasta Gravel
Vicuña 5.495m (18,028ft) Atacama Gravel
Cerro El Potro 5.472m (17,952ft) Atacama Gravel
Mina Centinela 5.430m (17,814ft) Atacama Gravel
Marancales Sur 5.421m (17,785ft) Atacama Gravel
Cerro Toco 5.416m (17,769ft) Atacama Gravel
Cordón de Inacaliri 5.395m (17,700ft) Antofagasta Gravel
Cerro Estrella 5.389m (17,680ft) Antofagasta Gravel
Pascua Lama 5.256m (17,244ft) Atacama Gravel
Volcán Guallatiri 5.240m (17,191ft) Arica-Parinacota Gravel
Cerro Blanco 5.161m (16,932ft) Tarapaca Gravel
Cerro del Carmen 5,145m (16,879ft) Coquimbo Gravel
Cerro Tecar 5.088m (16,692ft)  Antofagasta Gravel
Paso Picavilque 5.085m (16,683ft) Tarapaca Gravel
Llano Chajnantor 5.042m (16,541ft) Atacama Gravel
Cerro Vidal Gormaz 4.988m (16,364ft) Atacama Gravel
Caldera La Pacana 4.983m (16,348ft) Atacama Gravel
Abra de La Deidad 4.907m (16,099ft) Coquimbo Gravel
Portezuelo Paranal 4.832m (15,853ft) Antofagasta Asphalt
Abra Taapaca 4.809m (15,777ft) Tarapaca Gravel
Paso de Agua Negra 4.774m (15,662ft) Coquimbo Gravel
Paso de San Francisco 4.760m (15,616ft) Atacama Asphalt
Cerro La Gitana 4,696m (15,406ft) Coquimbo Gravel
Paso Chungara 4.687m (15,377ft) Arica Gravel

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