Ruta 3 Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost paved road on Earth

Ruta 3 in Tierra del Fuego is one of the world's most spectacular drives. Stretching 395km (245 miles) through the Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina, it is said to be the southernmost paved road on Earth.

Ruta 3 Tierra del Fuego

Where does Ruta 3 Tierra del Fuego start and end?

Ruta 3, part of Argentina's National Route 3, begins at Cabo Espíritu Santo on the Chilean border and ends in Ushuaia, a town on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago known as the 'End of the World.' The route extends further into Tierra del Fuego National Park, west of Ushuaia, ending at Bahía Lapataia where a sign marks the road's end.

Is Ruta 3 Tierra del Fuego paved?

The road through Tierra del Fuego National Park starts off narrow and rough but gradually improves to a fully paved road. Some sections are difficult due to poor maintenance and the presence of large trucks and heavy oil machinery.

What to expect when driving Ruta 3 Tierra del Fuego?

Be prepared for the remote areas by keeping your vehicle's gas tank full, especially where there are no functional gas stations. Expect police checks at each border crossing. Keep your vehicle and personal documents easily accessible. Plan for multiple stops to rest during the drive. Book accommodations in advance, especially in summer, as places may be fully occupied.

When is the best time to drive Ruta 3 Tierra del Fuego?

Ruta 3 is the only road to the island and is kept clear of snow all year. However, avoid driving between April and September due to frequent road closures and harsh weather conditions. Check road conditions before traveling and be cautious of strong winds, using passing trucks as temporary windbreaks.