What are the most spectacular roads in Brazil?

Stretching across the vast expanse of South America, Brazil is a vibrant tapestry of nature's grandeur and engineering marvels, offering some of the most majestic roads for explorers and adventurers. While the serpentine twists of Serra do Rio do Rastro in Santa Catarina beckon with vertiginous views, the sun-kissed coastline of Costa Verde in Rio de Janeiro sings a siren song with its azure waters and golden sands.

Tread cautiously on the Road BR-319, a notorious stretch that turns treacherously impassable during rainy days, its path engulfed by relentless mud. Then, veer into the verdant embrace of the rainforest to discover the Viaduct Petrobras, a forsaken behemoth of concrete that stands as a silent testimony to ambitions of the past, now reclaimed by the wild.

Driving through Brazil is not just a journey, it is a life-changing adventure that every traveler should experience at least once in their lifetime.

BR-319 is a challenging Brazilian highway running from Manaus to Porto Velho in the Região Norte do Brazil. The road, impassable during rainy days because of the mud, crosses the States of Amazonas and Rondônia.

Located on the eastern part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil, the Viaduct Petrobras is an abandoned masterpiece of concrete in the middle of the rainforest. It’s a mysterious huge concrete structure growing up out of the jungle and then just disappearing.

Rodovia Transamazônica (BR-230) is the name of a road in the depths of the huge state of Amazonas in Brazil, running through mud and jungles.

SC-390 is a sharply winding and precipitous ascent on a steep and narrow zigzag road located in the southeast of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. It’s one of the famous hairpinned roads in the world.

BR-116 is a federal highway of Brazil spearing up the coast of the country. At 4,385 kilometres (2,725 mi) long, it’s the second longest highway of the country, running from the north of Brazil to the south, roughly parallel to the coastline. It’s the worst road in the world for the sexual exploitation of children.

Altos Corvo Branco is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.245m (4,084ft) above the sea level, located in the State of Santa Catarina, in Brazil.

BR-163 is the name of a challenging Brazilian highway running through the heart of the Amazon Basin.

Rodovia Oswaldo Cruz is a challenging state highway located in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

The challenging Pan-American Highway is one of the biggest adventures in the world. It’s a network of roads covering almost 30,000 kilometres (19,000 mi) from North America to South America. It’s said to be the longest road on Earth.

Rodovia Deputado Miguel Bufara is a 76,9km road located in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

Rodovia da Graciosa is an old mule route located in the Brazilian state of Paraná. The road wends its way through a well-preserved stretch of the AtlanticForest. It’s a cobbled road that runs for 15 km through the mountains and the Marumbi National Park.

Estrada Santa Cruz do Rio Abaixo is a scenic unpaved road located in the eastern part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

Cunha-Paraty Road is a very scenic paved drive located on the boundary of the state of São Paulo and the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

Serra da Rocinha is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.236m (4,055ft) above the sea level, located on the boundary of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states, in southern Brazil.

Each year, about 6.6 million visitors head to Brazil. With its tropical climate, beautiful diversity of plants and animals, exciting culture and history, there is so much to lure people to the largest country in South America.

BR-174 is the name of a paved road running across the Amazonas in Brazil. Heavily used by heavy trucks during periods of extremely wet weather, the highway is quickly deteriorating.

Brazil's Serra do Rio do Rastro Road is one of the world's most iconic and challenging roads, known for its breathtaking scenery, steep inclines, and treacherous curves. It is a driving challenge that attracts adrenaline seekers and car enthusiasts from all over the world. Conquering this road is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are up for the ultimate driving challenge, the experience can be truly exhilarating.