Highest roads of Bolivia

Highest roads of Bolivia

Located in western-central South America, Bolivia is equal in size to California and Texas combined. The geography of Bolivia is unique among the nations of South America. With their high altitudes, the mountains bear a striking resemblance to the rugged peaks of Himalaya.

Highest mountain roads of Bolivia:

Road Elevation Department Surface
Cerro Uturuncu 6.008m (19,711ft)  Potosí Gravel
Volcán Ollagüe 5.868m (19,251ft) Potosí Gravel
Cerro Sairécabur 5.753m (18,874ft) Atacama Gravel
Cerro Cañapa 5.629m (18,467ft) Potosí Gravel
Curiquinca 5.625m (18,454ft) Atacama Gravel
Portezuelo Sairécabur 5.541m (18,179ft) Atacama Gravel
Sairécabur Telescope 5.525m (18,127ft) Atacama Gravel
Volcán Acotango 5.509m (18,074ft) Sajama Gravel
Cerro Cachi Laguna 5.491m (18,015ft) Potosi Gravel
Cordón de Inacaliri 5.395m (17,700ft) Potosi Gravel
Cerro Gigante 5.286m (17,342ft) La Paz  Gravel
Chacaltaya 5.260m (17,257ft) La Paz  Gravel
Ch'iyar Qirini 5.194m (17,040ft) La Paz  Gravel
Mina Bolivar 5.161m (16,932ft) Potosi Gravel
Cerro Santa Isabel 5.153m (16,906ft) Potosi Gravel
Lago Laramcota 5.134m (16,843ft) La Paz Gravel
Ulla Qhaya 5.078m (16,660ft) La Paz Gravel
Mullu Apachita 5.018m (16,463ft) La Paz Gravel
Minas San Pablo Lipez 5.017m (16,459ft) Potosi Gravel
Antenas de Entel 4.937m (16,197ft) La Paz  Gravel
Abra Laguna Morijon 4.901m (16,079ft) Potosi  Gravel
Cumbre Apacheta 4.871m (15,980ft) La Paz Gravel
Paso Pelechuco 4.863m (15,954ft) La Paz Gravel
Abra Puca Loma 4.804m (15,761ft) Potosí  Gravel
Rit'i Apachita 4.792m (15,721ft) La Paz Gravel
San Antonio de Lipez 4.758m (15,610ft) Potosi Gravel
Paso del Condor 4.730m (15,518ft)  Potosí  Gravel
Abra Tres Cruces 4.729m (15,515ft) La Paz Gravel

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