The road to Gran Bajo de San Julian, the lowest point of the Americas

Located in the east of the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, Gran Bajo de San Julián holds the distinction of being the lowest elevation in the Americas, sitting at -105 meters (-345 feet).

Gran Bajo de San Julián

Where Can You Find the Americas' Lowest Point?

Situated in Southern Patagonia, the Great San Julián Depression is one of the lowest points on Earth. This depression represents not only Argentina's but also both the Western and Southern Hemispheres' most profound point, making it the seventh lowest elevation globally.

Is It Possible to Drive Through Gran Bajo de San Julian, the Americas' Lowest Point?

Yes, and the route leading to this endorheic basin is fully paved. Travelers can take the scenic Ruta Nacional 3, stretching 125 km (77 miles) from Puerto San Julián, historically known as Port St. Julian, a natural harbor, to Comandante Luis Piedrabuena in the department of Corpen Aike.