Highest roads of Argentina

Highest roads of Argentina

Located in southeastern South America, Argentina in second in South America only to Brazil in size and population, There is no shortage of mountains in Argentina. The spine of the Andes follows the western border of the country for 4000 kilometers.

Highest mountain roads of Argentina:

Mountain pass Elevation Province Surface
Aconcagua 6.961m (22,838ft) Mendoza Gravel
Ojos del Salado 6.891m (22,608ft) Atacama Gravel
Cerro Estrella 5.389m (17,680ft) Salta Gravel
Pascua Lama 5.256m (17,244ft) Atacama Gravel
Abra Fundición 5.050m (16,568ft) Salta Gravel
Abra el Acay 4.956m (16,259ft) Salta Gravel
El Aguilar 4.895m (16,060ft) Jujuy  Gravel
Alto de Chorillos 4.806m (15,767ft) Salta Gravel
Paso de Agua Negra 4.780m (15,682ft) San Juan Gravel
Paso de San Francisco 4.760m (15,616ft) Andes Asphalt
Abra del Gallo 4.630m (15,190ft) Salta Gravel
Abra de Chorrillos 4.560m (14,960ft) Salta Gravel
Abra del Lizoite 4.536m (14,882ft) Jujuy- Salta Gravel

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