Driving the defiant Cuesta del Obispo to Piedra del Molino in Salta

Piedra del Molino is a lofty mountain point at an elevation of 3,367m (11,046ft) above sea level, situated in the central-western part of the province of Salta, in Argentina.

Piedra del Molino

Is the road to Piedra del Molino in Salta paved? 

Situated within Los Cardones National Park, the road to the summit is mostly paved yet winding, known as Ruta Provincial 33 road. As it traverses the pass, the road is referred to as Cuesta del Obispo, named after Bishop Julián Cortazar.

 How long is Piedra del Molino in Salta? 

The road stretches 105 km (65 miles) from Payogasta to El Carril, offering an exceptionally challenging drive for those susceptible to car sickness. With hundreds of curves, sharp hairpin turns, steep sections, and intimidating drop-offs, it demands a steady hand. 

Why is it called Piedra del Molino? 

Perched high in the northwestern part of Argentina, the summit takes its name from a grinding stone of several tons carved in granite, placed here. Legend has it that it was transported by car in 1927 and, by weight, split in two. Originally intended for a valley stay, its owners never returned for it. A few hundred meters before reaching the peak, a lookout point offers a panoramic view of the road's hairpins and a unique perspective of the Quebrada del Escoipe. The summit is also home to a small chapel dedicated to St. Rafael.