Carretera Nacional N°20

Carretera Nacional N°20: inclement weather, typhoons and hurricanes

National Road 20 is a spectacular coastal road located on the southeastern area of Cuba, with a length of 216km. The road links Santiago de Cuba and Niquero through the Turquino National Park. The road was asphalted, but portions of the road have been destroyed due to inclement weather, typhoons and hurricanes, and turned into gravel and sand.

Cayo Coco Causeway

Driving the scenic Cayo Coco Causeway in Cuba

Located in central Cuba, the Cayo Coco Causeway is an amazing journey over the Atlantic Ocean. The road is paved and connects Cayo Coco to the main Island.

El Pedraplén

El Pedraplén, a paved road above the Atlantic Ocean

Located in the north coast of Cuba, the Cayo Santa María road, known as El Pedraplén, is an amazing journey above the Atlantic Ocean. The road is asphalted and connects Cayo Santa María to the main Island.