Rohuküla-Heltermaa ice road

Rohuküla-Heltermaa, an ice road in the Baltic Sea

Rohuküla-Heltermaa ice road is the longest ice road in Europe with a length of 26,5 kilometres (16 miles) stretching for across a frozen expanse of the Baltic Sea. The road links Estonia's mainland port of Rohukula on the continent with Hiiumaa island.

Suur Munamägi

Suur Munamägi, the highest road in Estonia

Suur Munamägi ("Big Egg Mountain") is a mountain peak at an elevation of 318m (1,043ft) above the sea level, located in Võru County on the south-eastern corner of Estonia.

Noarootsi-Haapsalu ice road

Noarootsi-Haapsalu, an Estonian ice road

Ice road between Haapsalu and Noarootsi, with a total length of 3.2 km located in western Estonia.

Lao-Kihnu ice road

Lao-Kihnu, a scenic ice road in Estonia

Ice road between Lao and Kihnu (between the mainland and Kihnu), with a total length of 13 km, situated in southwestern Estonia. The freezing of the seas between the Estonian mainland and the islands has had historical significance, as during the middle ages these occurrences have been used by armies to invade the islands as they could simply walk across the sea.

Sviby-Rohuküla ice road

Sviby-Rohuküla: a scenic ice road in western Estonia

Ice road between Rohuküla and Sviby (between the mainland and Vormsi), with a total length of 10,2 km in western Estonia. From the mainland to the island of Vormsi, this ice road leaves from near the ferryport of Rohkula, West of Haapsalu. To reach the start of the ice road, head towards the port, but take a signed right turn just after the port comes into view. This will take you to the caravan which rather incongruously marks the ice roads start.