BAM Road

BAM Road, 4.300 km off-road through Siberia

The BAM Road is one of the toughest adventure roads left on this planet. It’s a real test of physical and mental endurance. The BAM road is an old railway service track that runs roughly alongside the railway track, in extreme Siberia, Russia. It's filled with everything from rickety old bridges to waist high water crossings and at points being miles from civilization.

Vitim River Bridge

The terrifying Vitim River Bridge in Siberia

Located in Siberia, the Vitim River Bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. It’s an old train bridge crossing the Vitim River which leaves drivers precariously navigating a tiny six-foot-wide path. Its old metal structure is covered with rotting wooden planks, which can be slippery due to frequent ice in the area.

Trans-Siberian Highway

Trans-Siberian Highway spans 6,800 miles from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok

Stretching almost 7,000 miles from St Petersburg to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian Highway is the name for a network of federal highways that span the width of Russia from the Baltic Sea of the Atlantic Ocean to the Japan Sea of the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of the longest roads in the world across some of the toughest environments and terrain around.

Kolyma Highway

Kolyma Highway is the infamous Road of the Bones

Kolyma Highway (R504) is the name of a very exciting adventure running from Yakutsk (where the coldest temperature ever recorded outside Antarctica was recorded) to Magadan. It was built by prisoners using hand tools in the 1930s. This is one of the most terrifying pages in Soviet history.

Lake Karachay

The road to Lake Karachay, the most polluted place on Earth

Located in Russia's south-west Chelyabinsk region, close to the border with Kazakhstan, Lake Karachay it’s considered the most polluted place on Earth: its waters would kill a human within 30 minutes.