Top 4 technologies capable of significantly reducing the number of road accidents

Top 4 technologies capable of significantly reducing the number of road accidents

In a society that is changing so rapidly with each passing year, it doesn’t come as a surprise that various technological inventions are altering how we lead our daily lives. More and more innovations are being created to solve the common problems faced by the mankind.

Talking about the automobile industry and road accidents in particular, human error is the primary cause in most of the cases. Being aware of this, auto manufacturers are constantly working hard to fit their vehicles with specific features that can help reduce these mishaps.
On the whole, latest technologies are transforming our lives in all possible ways and road safety is high on the priority list of new age inventors. Let’s now acquaint you with such top four technologies that are capable of significantly reducing the number of road accidents.

Electronic Stability Control

Popularly referred to as ESC, this is a breakthrough road safety technology that does an excellent job at preventing the vehicle from sliding out of control during an accident. It is pretty effective in risky and hazardous climatic conditions. How it works is that it reduces the engine power of the vehicle by applying brakes on the wheels, immediately upon a run-off-road crash. Studies have revealed that it is proving to be quite useful as it can effectively prevent as many as 50% of the total number of car rollovers and crashes.

Adaptive headlights

This technology has already prevented a great number of road accidents. The crux of this technology is that the headlights turn as you turn the steering wheel of the car. The way it helps in reducing the number of road accidents is that you are able to spot an oncoming vehicle or perhaps even an animal, while taking a turn on a dark road. With this technology you are always aware what is in front of you while driving.

Vehicle communication

Automobile sector is making huge strides in the self-driven cars domain. The vehicle communication technology will enable cars to communicate with the other vehicles and prevent the chances of a collision. Although there are other technologies that promise to end traffic jams, such communication can be a godsend when you’re travelling on busy roads. This communication mostly happens through GPS coordinates and other types of new age sensors. Not only does it help in communicating with the other vehicles in the vicinity, but also detects cyclists and pedestrians close to the vehicle.

Forward Collision Systems

Many people end up with rear-end accidents because they were looking elsewhere on the road or checking their mobile phone. In such scenarios, the Forward Collision System can prove to be a lifesaver. This technology automatically measures the distance between the vehicle in the front and the one fitted with the system, and accordingly reduces the vehicle’s speed to minimise the impact of a possible collision. It is very useful on the highways and in traffic jams.

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