Taking Your Chances on US Route 1

With the average number of car accidents in the United States standing at a whopping 6 million each year, it goes without saying that the country is home to some dangerous roads.

US Route 1
While dangerous mountain passes plague states like Colorado, US Route 1 might just prove to be one of the most dangerous highways out there when it comes to the East Coast. With that said, if you have an upcoming travel plan that involves this dangerous route, there are some things you should know beforehand.

About the route

US Route 1 is known as the longest north to south highway, located on the Eastern Coast of the United States. Stretching from Fort Kent, Maine all the way to Key West, Florida, the 2,369-mile highway isn’t for the faint of heart - especially when it comes to the section located in Florida. In fact, a company called Geotab calculated a “Fatal Crash Rate” from the number of crashes and fatalities on the Florida portion of the route, and came up with a score of 2.8 - the highest in the country. This research resulted in claims that the highway is actually the most dangerous road in America as of 2017. 

What makes it so dangerous?

With the shocking amount of accidents that occur on this highway, you might wonder what makes it so dangerous. Like many roads in the United States, US Route 1 is subject to the usual causes of accidents. However, along with drinking and driving, distracted driving, and other forms of reckless driving, those who find themselves driving a particularly long stretch of the route may wind up getting fatigued - something that’s never good for someone behind the wheel.

Should you risk it?

If you ever happen to find yourself in a position where travel on US Route 1 is necessary, you may ask yourself if you should even risk it - especially when it comes to the route in Florida. However, what many people don’t realize is that many accidents can be prevented when taking the correct precautions. For example, by choosing a vehicle that’s both safe and dependable along with using plenty of exercised caution, you should be able to travel the route without a problem. 
You should always abide by the law and follow the speed limit, though taking other precautions while on US Route 1 is also necessary to ensure your safety. The type of vehicle you choose to drive on such dangerous roads matters a lot, so one that has more safety features and better safety ratings may mean the difference between life and death in the event of a crash. SUVs are known to handle well on a variety of terrains, and many smaller models, providing they're in good condition, should also meet safety standards. Doing other things can also help, like taking breaks every two hours and bringing someone else along for the ride, which can reduce the chances of falling asleep at the wheel, as well as minimizing travel stress.
The United States is home to many dangerous roads, and among them is US Route 1. With a high number of crashes and fatalities, it’s safe to say that you should exercise an abundance of caution if you ever find yourself on this road.
Photo by Shahzin Shajid on Unsplash