What is the Safest Car for a Teenage Driver in the USA

Parents know that it is a dream of most children to have their own cars. Those who can afford it would even give cars to their children when they reach a certain age. Yet, parents cannot help but wonder if it would be safe for teenagers to drive on their own.

What is the Safest Car for a Teenage Driver

They can set some restrictions so that the teenager will not be able to use the car very often. Knowing teenagers, they will always find a way to use their cars. Sometimes, they may be too reckless that they can get into accidents.
There are also some teenage drivers who have worked in different jobs to get enough money to buy their first car. The cheapest used cars to insure can provide amazing information so that teenagers do not have to spend too much money on their car insurance too.

Safety will always be a priority so what are the safest cars for teenagers?

What is the Safest Car for a Teenage Driver?

Volkswagen Passat

When choosing this vehicle, it is best to look for those that are created from late 2012 to present. Used versions of this vehicle will not be too expensive and will also be comfortable enough to be driven by teenagers.

Volvo S60

This is another vehicle that is rated high by people who are using safe used cars. When searching for this model, it is best to look for a vehicle that is 2011and newer. This will make sure that it will already come with some basic features without having to spend too much money in the process.

Ford Fusion

Ford has to be one of the most popular companies in the United States. Aside from the company’s ability to provide different car models that will appeal to different people, they can also make sure that there are some safety features available that will help protect the driver and the passengers. Look for car models that are built around December of 2012 or newer just to be sure.

Volvo S80

Some people are saying that people can become more protected when they have larger vehicles. It may just be people’s preference but this car model is cheap when you purchase it second-hand but it will allow you to drive from one place to another easily. Look for a car model that is about 2007 and newer just to get the best features of the vehicle.

Ford Taurus

This is another large car that can be added to the list of vehicles that teenagers should use. The Ford Taurus is a popular car model. In fact, there may be some people who will say that they are not teenagers but they would still choose this vehicle over all the others that are included in this list. There are variations of this vehicle available so it is best to look for models that are 2013 and newer.

Mazda CX-5

There are some teenagers who would like to have cars that are considered safer that will still look “cool” at the same time. This mid-sized SUV certainly looks cool and it will not be surprising if a lot of teenagers can appreciate the appearance of this car immediately. Look for models that are 2014 and newer to get its best features.

Fiat 500X

While this may not be the most obvious choice for teenagers, those who have money to spare may choose this. This car obviously looks great and it can also hold a lot of passengers because of its large size. Look for car models that are built after July 2015 so that you can be sure about the quality of the vehicle you will get.

When Buying A Car, Look for These Things

Purchasing a car is always a complicated matter. There are so many models that are available but for the safety of teenagers, these are some things to remember:

  • Do not choose vehicles that come with engines with high horsepower. Teenagers will not be able to help it, they would try to ride their cars at the fastest rate that they can get. So many teenagers have done this and have gotten into accidents. Some have collided so strongly with the hard objects that they are barely recognizable when they are removed from their cars.
  • Look for bigger and heavier vehicles. They may offer better protection as compared to small and compact cars. Larger cars also offer more features that will help protect them better.
  • Look for vehicles that come with Electronic Stability Control. This will allow them to keep their control even when they are going through slippery roads. This can help reduce the risk of drivers getting into accidents.

With all of these things in mind, choosing the right vehicle for teenagers will not be as complicated as you have assumed. Always check the safety rating of the vehicle before deciding on which one you will purchase.