Old Ghost Road

Robertson Road is one of America's Creepiest Roads

Located in Bulloch County, in the U.S. state of Georgia, Robertson Road is said to be one of America's Creepiest Roads and one of the most haunted parts of the state. As the story goes, people have seen some very strange things at nights.

How long is Robertson Road (Old Ghost Road)?

The road is called Bulloch County Road 403-Robertson Road (aka Old Ghost Road). It’s a gravel short track. Located in Brooklet, just outside of Statesboro, the road is 1.44km (0.9 mile) long only running from Railroad Bed Road to US-80. There are few homes along the road, and long stretches of nothing but trees and thick woods.

Is Robertson Road in Georgia haunted?

Legend says that drivers at nights have seen some very strange things. According to some websites, an orange light will appear, followed by a man digging a ditch on the left near the end of this dirt road. It was a man decapitated by the train. Suddenly the man will begin to approach the car, but will disappear before ever reaching it. Many witnesses claim to have spotted the headless ghost wandering the road… As a result, the road is been nicknamed “Ghost Road.” Other witnesses have also seen a few ghost dogs roaming about the area. There is supposed to be a small cemetery nearby down the street that when you venture through, you'll be able to see or hear the ghost dogs attempting to dig up their owner's graves.



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