Decker Canyon Road is a drive you'll never forget in California

Located in western Los Angeles County, in the US state of California, Decker Canyon Road is said to be one of the 5 Best Driving Roads in Malibu. It is a very narrow road that rises in elevation quickly (up to 10%). It’s the type of road you'll never forget.

Decker Canyon Road

Where is Decker Canyon Road?

The road is located to the south of Thousand Oaks, in the southwestern part of California.

Why is it called Decker Canyon Road?

It is named after the Decker family, who settled in the area during the 1800s.

How long is Decker Canyon Road in California?

The road (part of California Highway 23) is fully paved but pretty narrow. It’s a downhill road down the mountain full of twists and turns running parallel to Encinal Canyon Road. It’s 7.56 km (4.7 miles) long, running south-north from the Pacific Coast Highway near Trancas in Malibu to Mulholland Highway.

Is Decker Canyon Road in California scenic?

The drive has some really beautiful scenery and some stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains that can't be fully enjoyed while driving, due to the almost never-ending series of very tight curves and the extremely narrow lanes.

Is Decker Canyon Road in California dangerous?

The road starts off from the coast very technical (with a couple of sharp hairpin bends), and you'll spend more time wrestling the hairpins than accelerating. Not advisable for vehicles with trailers. This road is even tough in a car. The speed limit is 30 mph. The drive is fairly narrow and has few guardrails next to big drops. In addition to the lack of guardrails and hairpin turns, there’s a good bit of rocks, debris, and sand that litter the road especially post storms. It includes some of the finest curvy motorcycle roads in the LA area. Long known to locals as the most deadly stretch of road in California, the road has technical corners, decreasing radius sweepers, elevation changes, and half-mile straights. The rusted chassis of cars that have gone over the side can still be seen.