Red Grade Road is a beautiful drive with lots of wildlife in Wyoming

Red Grade Road is a very treacherous drive located in Sheridan County, in the US state of Wyoming. It is rough and steep and requires a suitable vehicle.

Red Grade Road

How long is Red Grade Road in Wyoming?

Red Grade Road (Sheridan County Route 26) is mostly unpaved. The rough road begins on the town of Big Horn (US-87) and heads west over the Bighorn Mountains towards US-14. It’s 71.29 km (44.3 miles) long and takes you up into the true backcountry of the mountains.

Is Red Grade Road in Wyoming open?

Set high in the Big Horn Mountains, the road ascends 7,000 feet from the valley and later ascends to 9,000 feet. It tops out at 2.850m (9,350ft) above the sea level. Red Grade Road is placed under a seasonal closure every winter (December 15 through April 1). Road conditions vary drastically based on weather and time of year, and at the start of the mountain-traveling season.

Is Red Grade Road in Wyoming difficult?

The drive is very steep and has no guardrails. There are large rocks sticking out of the road so high clearance four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended as it is steep and rough. People have died in vehicle accidents on this road, probably due to loose gravel on the road. Once on top the road is smoother gravel. This is not an extreme 4WD drive, but there are parts that need good ground clearance and quite a lot of ascent/decent will be fairly steep.

Is Red Grade Road in Wyoming worth it?

Located on the north-central part of Wyoming, plan 3-4 hours to complete the drive. The road offers great views of the Powder River Basin. Along this road you’ll see limber pine, ponderosa pine, aspen, and fir trees.
Road suggested by: Connie
Pic: Ted Lapis