The iconic Hell's Revenge Trail is one of the most popular drives in Moab

Located in Grand County, on the east central edge of Utah, United States, Hell's Revenge Trail is a roller coaster ride across slickrock fins. This may be the most popular trail in Moab.

Hell's Revenge Trail

Located north of Moab, the trail is approximately 10.46km 6.5 miles in length. Due to hazardous terrain, it is recommended only for experienced drivers. The trail features rock ledges, broken rock, sand, and a little blow sand. It’s a four-wheel drive trail that is also suitable for dirt bikes and UTVs. It is not recommended for ATV's. A 4x4 vehicle equipped for traversing sandstone domes and slickrock ledges is required. The trail includes steep climbs, descents with drop-offs on both sides, and tight turns – as well as sharp edges.

The drive can be very intense and offers stunning views of the area. The trail is usually open year round and its maximum speed limit is 15 mph. The entrance to the trail is just passed the Sand Flats Recreation Area Entrance Station. It is truly a lot of fun but can be dangerous too. Danger level is high on this experience. If you’re looking for roller coaster thrills in a 4x4, this trail is sure to test your driving skills. There are steep climbs and descents and some edges that are not for the faint of heart. The trail contains some long steep climbs on slick rock that are intimidating your first time on the trail.
Pic: kunzmj