Driving the challenging road to Hellroaring Plateau in Montana

Hellroaring Plateau is a high mountain plateau at an elevation of 3,020m (9,908ft) above sea level, located in the heart of Carbon County, in the US state of Montana. The road to the top challenges even the most seasoned drivers with its rugged terrain; it's one of the highest roads in Montana.

Hellroaring Plateau

Where is Hellroaring Plateau?

The plateau is situated in Montana's southern region, close to the Wyoming border, within the Custer Gallatin National Forest.

When was the road to Hellroaring Plateau built?

The road was constructed during the 1930s with the purpose of accessing the chrome deposits located on the Hellroaring Plateau.

Is the road to Hellroaring Plateau unpaved?

Set high in the Beartooth Mountain Range, the road to the plateau is called Hellroaring Road (also known as Custer Gallatin National Forest Service Road 2412 and Forest Service Road 421). It’s totally unpaved. An older, less-traveled road extends from the parking area across the plateau, ending at 3,311m (10,862ft) above sea level.

Is the road to Hellroaring Plateau challenging?

The road to the plateau is not for the faint of heart. It’s a rough, pothole-riddled path with boulders and rocky stretches that frequently narrow down to a single lane, being very defiant when encountering oncoming traffic. Keep in mind there are no guardrails. This rugged track is best tackled using high-clearance vehicles, preferably full-sized trucks or SUVs.

When to Drive the road to Hellroaring Plateau?

The road to the Hellroaring Plateau is usually impassable in winters. Safe driving is typically limited to mid-summer when conditions are most favorable. The road offers stunning views.

Is the road to Hellroaring Plateau steep?

Starting from the US-212 (Beartooth Highway), the road to the plateau is 10.62km (6.6 miles) long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 848 meters, and the average gradient is 7.98%.
Pic: http://www.mtfunadventures.com/index.php/wonders/hellroaring