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Hahns Peak

Hahns Peak

Hahns Peak is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 3.217m (10,554ft) above the sea level, located in Routt County, Colorado, in United States.

The road to the summit, located in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests, is gravel, rocky, tippy and bumpy at times. One mistake can have serious consequences. It’s called Forest Service Rd 409, the Farwell Mountain 4WD road. Road conditions are always changing. Winter comes early and stays late on this trail, so you may only be able to safely run it in the middle of the summer. Avoid committing your vehicle to what is in front of you until you are sure of what you are getting into because things could get worse. The road up Hahns Peak does not go all the way to top, but the views are still outstanding.

Suitable for most stock, high-clearance, 4-wheel-drive SUVs. A traveler on this road must be experienced and completely devoted to safe, slow and obstacle-conscious driving to deter danger. This is definitely not a Sunday drive. The steep drive will take some skill, some patience, and some tolerance for vertigo. Stay alert for potential turnouts as you may meet traffic in inconvenient locations. The peak was named after John and Joseph Hahn, businesspeople in the mining industry. At the summit there’s a fire lookout tower. Construction occurred between 1908 and 1912. The road is very narrow and dead ends where it is difficult to turn around. Best to stop at switchback below end of road. Lower portion of F.S. 409, coming down from Farwell Mountain, is muddy and slick when wet. This route is best done on a dry day.
Pic&video: Rodney Farwell


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