What are the highest roads in the United States?

Welcome to the highest roads in the United States, where the journey takes you from the soaring peaks of Colorado to the tropical beauty of Hawai’i. Whether you prefer the rugged charm of gravel or the smooth surface of pavement, these American roads ascend to elevations that reach well above the clouds.

Highest roads of United States

As you venture higher, the air gets colder, and your engine's horsepower dwindles, making these routes both a scenic delight and a driving challenge.

Highest roads in the United States

Mountain pass Elevation State Surface
White Mountain Peak 4.347m (14,261ft) California Gravel
Mount Evans Byway 4.310m (14,130ft) Colorado Asphalt
Pikes Peak Highway 4.302m (14,115ft) Colorado Asphalt
Mount Lincoln 4.297m (14,097ft) Colorado Gravel
Mauna Kea 4.207m (13,803ft) Hawai’i Asphalt/Gravel
Mount Antero 4.189m (13,743ft) Colorado Gravel
Kuss Peak 4.136m (13,569ft) Colorado Gravel
Mosquito Peak 4.127m (13,540ft) Colorado Gravel
Peak 10 4.085m (13,402ft) Colorado Gravel
Mount Bross 4.071m (13,356ft) Colorado Gravel