Driving Gemini Bridges Trail is a real Moab experience

Located in Grand County, in the US state of Utah, Gemini Bridges Trail is a very scenic drive. You should not attempt this without a serious vehicle that can handle off-roading. If you are looking for the real Moab experience, this is it.

Gemini Bridges Road

Where is the Gemini Bridges trail?

The trail is located in the southern part of Utah, north of Moab.

Why is it called Gemini Bridges trail?

The trail is named after a spectacular twin arch, called Gemini Bridges, on the rim of an arm of Bull Canyon. Use caution around Gemini Bridges, keep a close eye on children and foolish adults near the cliffs. A few foolhardy individuals have lost their lives here.

How long is the Gemini bridge trail?

Gemini Bridges is one of Moab's most well-known trails. It’s 20.92km (13 miles) long running uphill from Highway 191 to Highway 313. This is actually a really cool drive as long as you don't encounter a vehicle heading the opposite way on the cliff and you are on the road in ideal conditions since falling off the road at the higher elevations is likely sure death. Several sections of the trail are near a cliff edge so controlling your speed is advised. It’s definitely one of the most popular mountain bike and 4-wheel-drive trips in Moab, so expect lots of traffic on weekends. The shelf portion of Gemini Bridges Road is heavily traveled at times. The trail not only leads you to the top of the Gemini Bridges but also leads you to a number of other trails in the area.

How hard is Gemini Bridges trail?

The road is totally unpaved. The first mile or so is a steep, rocky one-lane shelf road (very narrow) where you will need high clearance. You'll be driving over large boulders and big rocks as you navigate the off-camber switchbacks, praying that no one is coming the other way. The trail is essentially single-lane and you are hundreds of feet above the ground with no guardrail. It’s an intimidating high-clearance road that only rugged vehicles should try to traverse. You should not attempt this without a serious vehicle that can handle off-roading. The trail is a broad rocky dirt and gravel road, with some steep sections and some slickrock. 4x4 is recommended especially if it has rained lately. The road is pretty steep, topping out at 1,840m (6,036ft) above sea level. The trail is rough and you should expect some bumps. This road has absolutely no respite from the sun. If you do ride this, wear sun protection and carry a lot of water.

Is Gemini Bridges Trail worth it?

The drive is pretty scenic and you may want to block out extra time to stop, take photos and explore the region it passes through. The entire length of the trail is incredibly scenic offering its visitors beautiful views of the Moab Valley and the La Sal Mountains, interesting rock features, and two rock bridge crossings. Along the way, you'll encounter beautiful rock formations, a detour for Gemini Bridge itself, and typical desert shrubland.