The remote Kleinschmidt Grade Road in Idaho will test your nerves

Located in Adams County, in the US state of Idaho, Kleinschmidt Grade Road (Forest Road 050) will test your nerves. It is recommended that beginner riders avoid this road. Keep your eyes on the road, not the scenery.

Kleinschmidt Grade Road

Where is Kleinschmidt Grade Road?

The road is located to the west of Cuprum, in the western part of Idaho, near the Oregon border.

When was Kleinschmidt Grade Road built?

Entrepreneur Albert Kleinschmidt constructed the roadway during the late 1880s to transport copper and gold from the Seven Devils region to the Snake River. This pretty steep and very historical dirt road leads up the canyon wall on the Idaho side and into some very remote old Idaho mining country.

Can I drive my vehicle on the Kleinschmidt Grade Road?

It’s a notoriously steep and narrow dirt road that winds up from Hells Canyon. This road, also labeled as National Forest Development Road 050, is an old ore-hauling road. It’s still rarely maintained and it can be dangerous, but occasional grading allows passage by 2WD car, in dry weather conditions. The road is not recommended for large RVs or vehicles pulling trailers.

How long is the Kleinschmidt Grade Road?

Located within the Payette National Forest, the challenging road is 8.69km (5.4 miles) long, running from Hells Canyon Road (NF-454) to Windy Ridge Road (NF-072).

How challenging is the Kleinschmidt Grade Road?

It’s pretty steep, climbing about 2,200 ft over five miles. It’s in good condition, though there are plenty of blind corners as the road hugs the hillside. It is not a road for those who fear heights. There are no guardrails, the road is just wide enough for one vehicle, and it's straight down several thousand feet on most of the road. You've got to keep looking uphill in anticipation of other rigs while looking for turnouts.

Is the Kleinschmidt Grade Road worth it?

Tucked away in Hells Canyon, the journey offers superb views. It's worth the scenic drive. It's a piece of Idaho history with great scenery. The drive offers panoramic views of the western Idaho mountains and the Seven Devils Mountains.
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