Is the Nada Tunnel in Kentucky haunted?

Located in Powell County, in the US state of Kentucky, Nada Tunnel is a harrowing one-lane tunnel on a two-way road. The tiny hole, with layers and layers of limestone outcroppings sitting above it, is reportedly haunted.

Nada Tunnel

Is Nada Tunnel in Kentucky haunted?

This historic tunnel is located along Kentucky Route 77 (also known as Nada Tunnel Road). The unlit tunnel seems designed to intimidate drivers. It’s reportedly haunted by a climber who fell to his death in this area. Other sources claim it was a former tunnel construction worker who died when a stick of dynamite exploded. Both of these stories are attributed to the legend that sometimes at night, a glowing green light is often seen in the tunnel.

When was Nada Tunnel in Kentucky built?

It’s one of the most haunted tunnels on Earth. Built for the Dana Lumber Company, its construction began in December 1910 and was completed in September 1911 with a specific purpose for trains transporting good throughout the region. Formerly, it was a railway tunnel. It’s also known as “The Gateway to Red River Gorge.”

How long is Nada Tunnel in Kentucky?

Tucked away in the Daniel Boone National Forest, this genuinely stunning piece of engineering is a one-way section of a two-way road. The length is 900 feet (270 m), and the height is 13 feet (4.0 m). The surface is asphalt.

Is Nada Tunnel in Kentucky challenging?

The two-lane road narrows to a single lane going through the very narrow tunnel, so drivers have to be constantly alert and hope that anyone coming through the tunnel on the other side got the message to yield. The tunnel has no lights. Drivers must watch for the headlights of oncoming vehicles. It is 12-foot-wide by 13 feet high, so RVs, tour buses, and other high vehicles should use extra caution. The tunnel gives the illusion of being in danger of being crushed at any moment.