Take the Scenic Route and Discover Highland Lakes in CA

Highland Lakes are a pair of freshwater alpine lakes at an elevation of 2.631m (8,631ft) above the sea level, located in Alpine County, in the U.S. state of California.

Highland Lakes

Can you drive to Highland Lakes in CA?

Set high in the Sierra Nevada range, within the Stanislaus National Forest, the road to the beautiful twin alpine lakes is called Highland Lakes Road.

How is the road Highland Lakes in CA?

The road is mostly unpaved. Only the first mile is paved. The rest is a sometimes bumpy dirt road. It is a narrow, steep and winding dirt route where safe travel speeds average 20 mph or less. A high clearance vehicle is required. At one point it fords a small stream which may present a challenge to low vehicles in the spring and early summer. By mid-summer it’s little more than a puddle. 

How long is the road to Highland Lakes in CA?

Starting at the paved Alpine State Highway, the road to the lakes is 5 miles (8km) long. It’s closed in winters. The lakes are set in a spectacular high alpine valley, near Ebbetts Pass.

Pic: Wally Meerschaert