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Highest roads of Nevada

Located in the western, and southwestern regions of the United States, Nevada is a land of discovery and adventure. Most of the state lies within the Great Basin of the Basin and Range region. Its name means snowy. Nevada, the 7th most extensive state, is located in a mountainous region that includes vast semiarid grasslands and sandy alkali deserts.

Mountain roadElevationCountySurface
Mount Washington3.493m (11,459ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Mount Grant3.388m (11,115ft)Mineral CountyGravel
Ward Mountain3.336m (10,944ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Cave Mountain3.277m (10,751ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Cass House Peak3.203m (10,508ft)Elko CountyGravel
Corey Peak3.201m (10,501ft)Mineral CountyGravel
Spruce Mountain3.129 m (10,267ft)Elko CountyGravel
Mount Callaghan3.107m (10,193ft)Lander CountyGravel
Masket Peak3.105m (10,187ft)Nye CountyGravel
Relay Peak3.102m (10,177ft) Washoe CountyGravel
Wheeler Peak3.097m (10,163ft)White Pine CountyAsphalt
Mustang Mountain3.097m (10,160ft)Esmeralda CountyGravel
Johnson's Mill3.074m (10,085ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Hamels Peak3.067m (10,062ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Mount Hamilton3.091m (10,141ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Spanish Peak3.012m (9,881ft)Nye CountGravel
Mustang Pass 3.011m (9,878ft) Esmeralda CountyGravel
Big Indian Mountain2.953m (9,688ft) Mineral CountyGravel
Mount Lewis 2.933m (9,622ft)Lander CountyGravel
O'Neal Peak2.930m (9,612ft)White Pine CountyGravel
Slide Mountain2.928m (9,606ft)Washoe CountyGravel
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