Brynwood Hillclimb is one of the steepest roads in Oregon

Nestled in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon, in the USA, Brynwood is renowned as the steepest climb in the state, featuring grades exceeding 24% in some sections. Reaching the top will leave your lungs burning.

Brynwood Hillclimb

This one-lane paved road is exceptionally challenging to tackle. Stretching 441 meters (0.28 miles), it runs south-north from NW Miller Road (at 242m above sea level) to NW Skyline Boulevard (at 334m asl). Over this distance, the elevation gain is 92 meters, with an average gradient of 20.90%. However, the maximum gradient is 24.8% on a cracked pavement with gravel spots.

This intensely steep hill climb is undeniably brutal, feeling much longer than its 0.28 miles. Compounding the challenge are issues like moisture and moss, making the grade so steep that you can't stand and keep the front wheel down.