What are the highest roads in Arizona?

Located in the southwestern region of the United States, Arizona is the sixth largest state in the country in terms of area. Part of the Mountain West states, Arizona is best known for its desert landscape. It can be divided into three major land areas; the Colorado plateau, the Transition Zone and the Basin and Ridge Region. The state is also known for its climate, which has very hot summers and mild winters.

Highest roads of Arizona

Highest roads in Arizona

Mountain road Elevation County Surface
Mount Baldy 3.408m (11,181ft) Apache Gravel
Apache Peak 3.334m (10,938ft) Apache  Gravel
Sunrise Peak 3.248m (10,656ft) Apache Gravel
Mount Graham 3.192m (10,472ft) Graham Gravel
Greens Peak 3.091m (10,141ft) Apache Gravel 
Mount Heliograph 3.060m (10,039ft) Graham Gravel
Webb Peak 3.043m (9,984ft) Graham Gravel
Terry Flat 3.033m (9,950ft) Apach Gravel
Inner Basin 2.997m (9,832ft) Coconino Gravel
Roof Butte 2.996m (9,829ft) Apache Gravel
Arizona Snowbowl 2.912m (9,553ft) Coconino Asphalt
State Route 273 2.871m (9,419ft) Apache Asphalt
Big Lake 2.870m (9,415ft) Apache Gravel
Coronado Trail 2.860m (9,383ft) Greenlee Asphalt
Pat Knoll 2,859m (9,379ft) Apache Gravel
Sunrise Park Resort 2.852m (9,356ft) Apache Asphalt
State Route 261 2.845m (9,333ft) Apache Asphalt
Mount Elden 2.841m (9,320ft) Coconino Gravel
Co Road 25B 2.827m (9,274ft) Greenlee Gravel
Bill Williams Mtn 2.822m (9,259ft) Coconino Gravel
Kaibab Plateau 2.817m (9,200ft) Coconino Gravel
North Rim Lookout 2.798m (9,179ft) Coconino Gravel
McKays Peak 2.793m (9,163ft) Navajo Gravel
Mount Lemmon 2.792m (9,159ft) Pima Asphalt
Pastora Peak 2.786m (9,140ft) Apache Gravel
Devils Head 2.786m (9,140ft) Coconino Gravel
Reno Lookout 2.775m (9,104ft) Greenlee Gravel