A bumpy paved road to Ski Apache in New Mexico

Ski Apache is a ski resort at an elevation of 2.988m (9,803ft) above sea level, located in Lincoln County, in the U.S. state of New Mexico. It’s one of the highest roads in New Mexico. If you've got a fear of heights, this drive could be a little stressful.

Ski Apache

Where is Ski Apache?

The resort is located near Ruidoso, in the southern part of New Mexico, within the Lincoln National Forest.

Is the road to Ski Apache in NM paved?

The road to the resort is totally paved but pretty steep and bumpy. It’s called New Mexico Highway 532, also known as Ski Run Road. Starting at Alto (on the NM-48 Road), the road is 19.15km (11.9 mi) long.

Is the road to Ski Apache in NM open?

Set high on the slopes of Sierra Blanca, the road tops out at 3.078m (10,098 ft) above sea level near the resort. The road is open to traffic throughout the year but may be closed for short periods in winter when the weather is bad. Winter storms can become severe very quickly, so stay tuned to weather forecasts when planning your trip. Chains may be required in the winter months for safety.

Is the road to Ski Apache in NM challenging?

This road is steep (hitting a 12% maximum gradient through some of the ramps) with some very sharp turns; heavy braking is needed going downhill. It's one of the twistiest roads in New Mexico with some dangerous curves leading the traveler over the mountains. Tight turns are followed by steep inclines. There are barriers in place in some locations, but often there's nothing to prevent you from soaring out into space.