Taos Ski Valley: Road trip guide

Taos Ski Valley is a village and a ski resort at an elevation of 2.878m (9,442ft) above the sea level, located in Taos County, in the northern part of New Mexico, in United States.

Taos Ski Valley

Is the road to Taos Ski Valley paved?

Set high within the southern end of the Rocky Mountains, the road to the alpine ski resort is totally paved. It’s called NM-150 N. The is very easy as the road meanders through the valley with no steep pitches. The road is very well ploughed so it almost never closes and is easy negotiated in a 2WD car.

How long is the road to Taos Ski Valley?

Surrounded by green forests and high mountains, starting at El Prado, the ascent is 23.33km (14.5 miles) long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 690 meters. The average percentage is 2.95 %. Taos Ski Valley is said to be the highest municipality in the US.