What are the highest roads in New Mexico?

Located in the southwestern region of the United States of America, New Mexico is usually considered one of the Mountain States. The state is roughly bisected by the Rio Grande and has an approximate mean altitude of 5,700 ft (1,737 m). Its landscape ranges from wide, rose-colored deserts to broken mesas to high, snow-capped peaks. New Mexico is 2nd only to Arizona in days of sunshine per year. 

Highest roads of New Mexico

Highest roads in New Mexico

Mountain pass Elevation County Surface
Baldy Mountain 3.714m (12,185ft) Colfax Gravel
Tesuque Peak 3.678m (12,066ft) Santa Fe Gravel
Cerro Vista 3.645m (11,958ft) Mora Gravel
Kachina Peak 3.606m (11,830ft) Taos Gravel
Goose Lake 3.570m (11,712ft) Taos Gravel
Elk Mountain 3.558m (11,673ft) San Miguel Gravel
Bull of the Woods 3.542m (11,620ft) Taos Gravel
Redondo Peak 3.441m (11,289ft) Sandoval Gravel
Greenie Peak 3.432m (11,259ft) Taos Gravel
Ortiz Peak 3.423m (11,230ft) Taos Gravel
Green Mountain 3.407m (11,177ft) Colfax Gravel
Chicoma Mountain 3.403m (11,164ft) Rio Arriba Gravel
Agua Fria Peak 3.380m (11,089ft) Colfax Gravel
La Mosca 3.364m (11,036ft) Cibola Gravel
31 Mile Road 3.354m (11,003ft) Río-Sandoval Gravel
San Antonio Mtn 3.335m (10,941ft) Rio Arriba Gravel
Garcia Peak 3.333m (10,935ft) Colfax Gravel
South Baldy 3.288m (10,789ft) Socorro Gravel
Buck Mountain 3.287m (10,784ft) Lincoln Gravel
Tetilla Peak 3.283m (10,771ft) Colfax Gravel
Picuris Peak 3.280m (10,761ft) Taos Gravel
Comanche Peak 3.275m (10,744ft) Colfax Gravel
Cerro del Oso 3.261m (10,698ft) Taos Gravel
Sandia Crest 3.255m (10,678ft) Bernalillo Asphalt
Osha Mountain 3.240m (10,629ft) Colfax Gravel
Lagunita Saddle 3.218m (10,557ft) Taos Gravel
Brazos Summit 3.209m (10,528ft) Rio Arriba Asphalt
Blue Jay Hill 3.182m (10,439ft) Taos Gravel
Santa Fe Ski Basin 3.167m (10,390ft) Santa Fe  Asphalt
Pajarito Mountain 3.158m (10,360ft) Los Alamos Gravel
Ocate Mesa 3.157m (10,357ft) Colfax Gravel
Sawmill Mountain 3.153m (10,344ft) Taos Gravel
Cerro Saragate 3.151m (10,337ft) Rio Arriba Gravel
Don Fernando Peak 3.147m (10,324ft) Taos Gravel
Summit camp 3.134m (10,282ft) Taos Gravel
Black Mountain 3.132m (10,275ft) Colfax Gravel
Glorieta Baldy 3.096m (10,157ft) Santa Fe Gravel
Mount Withington 3.087m (10,127ft) Socorro Gravel
Cerro Pelado 3.085m (10,121ft) Sandoval Gravel
Ski Apache 3.078m (10,098ft) Lincoln Asphalt
Cerro Picacho 3.071m (10,075ft) Taos Gravel
Forest Road 1950 3.067m (10,062ft) - Gravel
Burned Mountain 3.048m (10,000ft) Rio Arriba Gravel
Bearwallow Mtn 3.039m (9,970ft) Catron Gravel