Grand Loop Road is a scenic drive in Yellowstone NP

Grand Loop Road is an amazing journey in the very heart of Yellowstone National Park, in the U.S. state of Wyoming. A drive not to be missed.

Grand Loop Road

How long is Grand Loop Road?

The road is totally paved and takes you to multiple locations throughout Yellowstone National Park. It’s 230 km (140 miles) long, running through the major features of the park, curving around in a figure-eight past the park's most striking natural features. The drive comprises unsigned portions of US 20, US 89, US 191, and US 287, all of which traverse the park.

How to drive the Grand Loop Road?

The trip features twisty and curvy roads, yet some are straight ahead and flat. Just be careful on the turns and don't cut corners or speed much more than the registered limit. Expect an average speed limit of 45 mph.

How long does it take to drive the Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone?

The scenery is fabulous, and the drive offers sweeping views, being the primary way to see the main attractions of Yellowstone National Park. It can get very busy in summer, so plan to take your time. The bison, bears, and other wildlife don’t obey traffic laws or speed limits. If wildlife gets on or near the road, traffic often comes to a stop. For this reason, it can take anywhere from 4 hours to 7 hours to drive the entire loop depending on traffic. In the summer months, the traffic can be stop-and-go the entire way.

When was the Grand Loop Road built?

The road was originally built in 1915 and later paved in the 1940s. Much of the 140-mile system was originally planned by Captain Hiram M. Chittenden of the US Army Corps of Engineers in the early days of the park, when it was under military administration.

Is Grand Loop Road open?

It’s a high mountain road running through many mountain passes, including Craig Pass 8,262 feet (2.518 m), Kingman Pass 7,119 feet (2.170 m) and Dunraven Pass 8,917ft (2.718m). Some parts of the road are totally closed in winters.