The Ultimate Road Trip To Mount Bross in CO

Mount Bross is a high mountain peak located in Park County, in the U.S. state of Colorado. An old mining road on the way to the summit tops out at 4.071m (13,356ft) above the sea level. It's one of the highest roads of the USA.

Mount Bross

Is the road to Mount Bross in CO unpaved?

Set high in the Mosquito Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America, the road is totally unpaved. It’s an old mining road called County Road 787 (also known as Windy Ridge Road). The ‘legal’ drive ends near the Mineral Park mine in Dolly Varden Gulch. It’s one of the highest roads of Colorado. The trail is relatively easy for most of the way. As you near the top the trail becomes narrow and is made up of mostly loose rock. Full size vehicles should not attempt to drive all the way up, as there are a few very narrow spots that are very high.

Is Mount Bross still closed?

The summit is private property and the land owners have not consented to allow climbers to reach the actual high point since 2005. Mount Bross is covered with old mining roads and claims, part of Colorado's historic mining legacy, so there are property issues to consider when hiking up the mountain. The trail is clearly marked about 150ft from the summit prohibiting motor vehicles, so please do not drive all the way to the top. 

When to drive to Mount Bross?

Tucked away in the Pike National Forest, the road is subject to seasonal closure. Accessibility is largely limited to the summer season. Thunderstorms flare up almost every afternoon and quickly move onto the peak. Get an early start and plan to be off the summit by noon to avoid thunderstorms and lightning.

Is Mount Bross in CO worth it?

The views are amazing. This is one of the most scenic trails you'll find in Colorado, offering a little bit of everything -- rocky challenges, fantastic scenery, Colorado history, and access to some great hiking and fishing. Once at the top, you can see several other 14ers surrounding Mt. Bross. The peak is named after William Bross, who owned mining property near Alma.