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Highest roads of Montana

Located in the Western region of the United States, Montana can be divided into two geographic areas in general: the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain Region. The state is slightly larger than Japan and it’s a vast and varied state of mountains, canyons, river valleys, forests, grassy plains, badlands, and caverns. Its name is a word derived from the Spanish word meaning "mountainous."

Highest mountain roads of Montana:

Mountain roadElevationCountySurface
Sheep Mountain3.185m (10,449ft)Park CountyGravel
Beartooth Highway3.154m (10,350ft)Carbon CountyAsphalt
Fisher Mountain3.122m (10,242ft)Park CountyGravel
Iron Mountain3.082m (10,111ft)Sweet Grass CountyGravel
Chrome Mountain3.078m (10,098ft)Sweet Grass CountyGravel
Henderson Mountain 3.043m (9,983ft)Park CountyGravel
Goose Lake3.021m (9,911ft)Park CountyGravel
Hellroaring Plateau3.020m (9,908ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Bull of the Woods Pass3.010m (9,875ft)Park CountyGravel
Pioneer Mountain3.004m (9,855ft)Madison CountyGravel
Granite Peak3.002m (9,849ft)Madison CountyGravel
Lulu Pass3.001m (9,846ft)Park CountyGravel
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