Rock Creek Vista Point is a must-stop on the Beartooth Highway

Rock Creek Vista Point is a scenic overlook located in Carbon County, in the US state of Montana, along the Beartooth Highway, heralded as one of the most scenic drives in the United States.

Rock Creek Vista Point

How to get to Rock Creek Vista Point by car?

Set at 2,804m (9,199ft) above sea level, the road to the overlook is the legendary Beartooth Scenic Highway. The road is fully paved and takes you through some of the most stunning alpine scenery you'll ever see. It’s a spectacular high mountain road with sweeping views and is a favorite scenic drive for sightseers. It is never very steep but contains amazing views down into the valley as you ascend multiple switchbacks.

Is Rock Creek Vista Point accessible in winters?

Opened on June 14, 1936, the road is usually open each year only from mid-May through mid-October.

Is Rock Creek Vista Point worth a visit?

Located in southern Montana, near the Wyoming border, Rock Creek Vista Point is a must-stop. For most, this is the first true pullout point with plenty of parking spaces for vehicles. This scenic overlook was completed in 1935 and provides breathtaking views of Rock Creek Canyon and Hell roaring Plateau. It is a popular stopping point along the Beartooth Scenic Highway. From this scenic overlook, the views of the Beartooth Mountains are outstanding. Keep your eye out for herds of high-altitude bison and elk. Just remember, you are in bear country.