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Highest roads of Wyoming

Located in the Western United States, and defined by vast plains and the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is a very mountainous state. Its geography includes wide-open plains, swaths of high desert and sweeping mountain ranges.

Here comes the list of the highest roads in Wyoming:

Mountain passElevationCountySurface
Elk mountain3.405m (11,171ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Forest Road 2073.376m (11,076ft)Park CountyGravel
Bridger Peak3.355m (11,007ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Blackhall Mountain3.345m (10,974ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Beartooth Pass3.337m (10,947ft)Park CountyAsphalt 
Snowy Range Pass3.315m (10,876ft)Albany CountyAsphalt 
Libby Flats Observation3.313m (10,869ft)Carbon CountyAsphalt 
Kennaday Peak3.300m (10,826ft)Carbon CountyGravel 
Lewis Lake3.290m (10,793ft)Albany CountyAsphalt
Libby Flats3.252m (10,669ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Fishhook Lake3.249m (10,659ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Brooklyn Lake3.243m (10,639ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Evening Star Mine3.241m (10,633ft)Park CountyGravel
Arrastre Lake3.218m (10,557ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Cyclone Pass3.212m (10,538ft)Fremont CountyGravel 

Pic: Joshua Matzke

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