Highest roads of Wyoming

Highest roads of Wyoming

Located in the Western United States, and defined by vast plains and the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is a very mountainous state. Its geography includes wide-open plains, swaths of high desert and sweeping mountain ranges.

Here comes the list of the highest roads in Wyoming:

Mountain pass Elevation County Surface
Carter Mountain Rd. 3.445m (11,302ft) Park  Gravel
Elk mountain 3.405m (11,171ft) Carbon  Gravel
Forest Road 207 3.376m (11,076ft) Park  Gravel
Bridger Peak 3.355m (11,007ft) Carbon  Gravel
Blackhall Mountain 3.345m (10,974ft) Carbon  Gravel
Beartooth Pass 3.337m (10,947ft) Park  Asphalt 
Snowy Range Pass 3.315m (10,876ft) Albany  Asphalt 
Libby Flats Observ. 3.313m (10,869ft) Carbon  Asphalt 
Kennaday Peak 3.300m (10,826ft) Carbon  Gravel 
Lewis Lake 3.290m (10,793ft) Albany  Asphalt
Dipper Lake 3.279m (10,757ft) Carbon  Gravel
Libby Flats 3.252m (10,669ft) Carbon  Gravel
Fishhook Lake 3.249m (10,659ft) Carbon  Gravel
Bald Mountain 3.246m (10,649ft) Park  Gravel
Brooklyn Lake 3.243m (10,639ft) Carbon  Gravel
Silvertip Basin 3.241m (10,633ft) Park  Gravel
Arrastre Lake 3.218m (10,557ft) Carbon  Gravel
Cyclone Pass 3.212m (10,538ft) Fremont  Gravel 

Pic: Joshua Matzke

NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.