What are the highest roads in Idaho?

Located in the northwestern region of the United States, Idaho contains hundreds of individual mountain ranges an unspoiled beauty. It has the most rugged terrain in the country, with 114 named mountain ranges and fifty mountain peaks having an elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level. Literally covered from north to south by the Rocky Mountains, the State is known for its mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas.

Highest roads of Idaho

Highest roads in Idaho

Mountain pass Elevation County Surface
Railroad Ridge 3.180m (10,433ft) Custer Gravel
Big Windy Peak 3.170m (10,400ft) Lemhi Gravel
Twin Peaks South 3.154m (10,347ft) Custer Gravel
Trail Peak 3.147m (10,324ft) Lemhi Gravel
Lem Peak 3.083m (10,114ft) Lemhi Gravel
Pinyon Peak 3.032m (9,947ft) Custer Gravel
Sawtell Peak 3.017m (9,898ft) Fremont Gravel
Boulder Basin 2,987m (9,799ft) Blaine Gravel
Wildhorse Peak 2.913m (9,560ft) Custer Gravel
Estes Mountain 2.900m (9,514ft) Custer Gravel
Mount Jordan 2.889m (9,478ft) Custer Gravel
Trinity Mountain 2.868m (9,409ft) Elmore Gravel
Forest Road 086 2.846m (9,337ft) Lemhi Gravel
Sleeping Deer Road 2.845m (9,333ft) Custer-Lemhi Gravel
Oxford Peak 2.831m (9,288ft) Franklin Gravel
Red Mountain 2.830m (9,284ft) Custer Gravel
Lake Mountain 2.827m (9,274ft) Lemhi Gravel
Mount Harrison 2.823m (9,261ft) Cassia Asphalt
Iron Lake 2.797m (9,176ft) Lemhi Gravel
Mountain Baldy 2.793m (9,163ft) Lemhi Gravel
Sedgwick Peak 2.791m (9,156ft) Bannock Gravel
Herd Lake Road 2.778m (9,114ft) Custer Gravel
Goldstone Pass 2.774m (9,101ft) Lemh Gravel
Middle Fork Peak 2.767m (9,078ft) Lemhi Gravel
Forest Road 053 2.766m (9,074ft) Custer Gravel
Blackbird Mountain 2.761m (9,058ft) Lemhi Gravel
Goldstone Pass 2.760m (9,055ft) Lemhi Gravel
Bachelor Mountain 2.754m (9,035ft) Custer Gravel
Feltham Creek Point 2.744m (9,002ft) Custer Gravel
Leatherman Peak 2.742m (8,996ft) Custer Gravel
Fly Creek Point 2.739m (8,986ft) Lemhi Gravel
Walkers Peak 2.735m (8,973ft) Valley Gravel
Antelope Pass 2.726m (8,943ft) Custer Gravel

Pic: http://larryprescott.blogspot.com/2015/08/climbing-sheep-mountain-big-windy-peak.html