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Highest roads of Utah

Located in the Rocky Mountain Region of the western United States, Utah is known by its vast expanses of desert and the Wasatch Range mountains. It’s a land of snow-covered peaks, natural rock formations, and beautifully colored canyons. The state is famous for its natural diversity and is home to features ranging from arid deserts with sand dunes to thriving pineforests in mountain valleys.

Mountain passElevationCountySurface
Mount Brigham3.559m (11,676ft)Piute CountyGravel
Fish Lake Hightop3.525m (11,564ft)Sevier CountyGravel
Forest Road 123 - Tushar Mtn.3.496m (11,469ft)Piute CountyGravel
South Summit Ridge3.483m (11,427ft)Garfield CountyGravel
Abajo Peak 3.465m (11,368ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Bluebell Knoll 3.449m (11,317ft)Wayne CountyGravel
Brian Head Peak3,448m (11,312ft)Iron CountyGravel
Monroe Peak3.421m (11,223ft)Sevier CountyGravel
Thousand Lake Mountain3.417m (11,210ft)Wayne CountyGravel
Big Ridge3.383m (11,099ft)Wasatch CountyGravel
Mount Dutton3.371m (11,059ft)Garfield CountyGravel
Mount Waas3.345m (10,974ft)Grand CountyGravel
Hidden Peak3.344m (10,971ft)Salt Lake CountyGravel
Skyline Drive3.321m (10,897ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
High Top3.321m (10,897ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Mount Pennell3.302m (10,833ft)Garfield CountyGravel
Mount Peale3.287m (10,784ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Griffin Top 3.283m (10,771ft)Garfield  CountyGravel
Bald Mountain Pass3.266m (10,715ft)Wasatch CountyAsphalt
Blowhard Mountain3.264m (10,708ft)Iron CountyGravel
South Mountain3.258m (10,688ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Cove Mountain3.254m (10,675ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Patchwork Parkway3.239m 10,626ftt)Iron CountyAsphalt
Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway3.236m (10,616ft)Iron CountyAsphalt
Magleby Pass3.216m (10,551ft)Sevier CountyGravel
North Tent Mountain3.214m (10,544ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Trail Ridge3.210m (10,531ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Geyser Pass3.209m (10,528ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Boobe Hole Mountain3.209m (10,528ft)Sevier CountyGravel
UM Pass3.208m (10,524ft)Sevier CountyGravel
Bull Creek Pass3.206m (10,518ft)Garfield CountyGravel
I-703.202m (10,505ft)Sevier CountyAsphalt
Burro Pass3.197m (10,488ft)Grand CountyGravel
Dickson Pass3.190m (10,465ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Monument Peak3.188m (10,459ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Navajo Point3.188m (10,459ft)Iron CountyGravel
Monument Peak3.185m (10,449ft)Sevier CountyGravel
Buck Ridge3.180m (10,433ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Barney Top3.180m (10,433ft)Garfield CountyGravel
Forest Road 0403.172m (10,406ft)Sevier CountyGravel
South Tent Mountain3.157m (10,357ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Strawberry Peak3.155m (10,351ft)Wasatch CountyGravel
Gooseberry Point3.154m (10,347ft)Iron CountyGravel
Navajo Mountain3.154m (10,347ft)San Juan CountyGravel
North Creek Pass3.149m (10,331ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Ephraim Canyon Road3.146m (10,321ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
La Sal Pass3.140m (10,301ft)San Juan CountyGravel
Arta Lake3.139m (10,298ft)Wasatch CountyGravel
Cox Knoll3.132m (10,275ft)Sanpete CountyGravel
Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway3.122m (10,242ft)Beaver CountyGravel
White Pine Peak3.116m (10,223ft)Millard CountyGravel
Mine Camp Peak3.115m (10.222ft)Millard CountyGravel
Bruin Point3.107m (10,193ft)Carbon CountyGravel
Barney Lake3.103m (10,180ft)Sevier CountyGravel
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