What are the highest roads in Utah?

Located in the Rocky Mountain Region of the western United States, Utah is known by its vast expanses of desert and the Wasatch Range mountains. It’s a land of snow-covered peaks, natural rock formations, and beautifully colored canyons. The state is famous for its natural diversity and is home to features ranging from arid deserts with sand dunes to thriving pineforests in mountain valleys.

Highest roads of Utah

Highest roads in Utah

Mountain road Elevation County Surface
Mount Brigham 3.559m (11,676ft) Piute Gravel
FR 123-Tushar Mtn. 3.503m (11,492ft) Piute Gravel
Fish Lake Hightop 3.491m (11,453ft) Sevier Gravel
South Summit Ridge 3.483m (11,427ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 225 3.477m (11,407ft) Duchesne Gravel
Abajo Peak  3.450m (11,318ft) San Juan Gravel
Alunite Ridge 3.461m (11,354ft) Piute Gravel
Brian Head Peak 3.450m (11,318ft) Iron Gravel
Bluebell Knoll  3.449m (11,317ft) Wayne Gravel
Monroe Peak 3.421m (11,223ft) Sevier Gravel
Thousand Lake Mtn. 3.417m (11,210ft) Wayne Gravel
Twin lakes 3.402m (11,161ft) Wayne Gravel
Elbow Lake 3.396m (11,141ft) Wayne Gravel
Raft Lake 3.390m (11,122ft) Wayne Gravel
Forest Road 162 3.389m (11,118ft) Garfield Gravel
Big Ridge 3.383m (11,099ft) Wasatch Gravel
Bess Lake 3.381m (11,092ft) Wayne Gravel
Dead Horse Lake 3.373m (11,066ft) Wayne Gravel
Mount Dutton 3.371m (11,059ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 043 3.361m (11,026ft) Uintah Gravel
Hidden Peak 3.344m (10,971ft) Salt Lake Gravel
Rim Lake 3.324m (10,905ft) Wayne Gravel
Spectacle Lake 3.323m (10,902ft) Wayne Gravel
Skyline Drive 3.321m (10,897ft) Sanpete Gravel
High Top 3.321m (10,897ft) Sanpete Gravel
West Mountain 3.314m (10,872ft) San Juan Gravel
Eagle Point Resort 3.309m (10,856ft) Beaver Gravel
Forest Road 1271 3.303m (10,836ft) Sanpete Gravel
Mount Pennell 3.302m (10,833ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 0169 3.301m (10,830ft) Sanpete Gravel
Sidney Peak 3.291m (10,797ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 0161 3.288m (10,787ft) Sanpete Gravel
Mount Peale 3.287m (10,784ft) San Juan Gravel
Griffin Top  3.283m (10,771ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 125 3.283m (10,771ft) Garfield Gravel
Mount Waas 3.282m (10,767ft) Grand Gravel
Bald Mountain Pass 3.272m (10,734ft) Sum-Duc Asphalt
Blowhard Mountain 3.264m (10,708ft) Iron Gravel
Mount Mellenthin 3.262m (10,702ft) San Juan Gravel
Gold Mountain 3.259m (10,692ft) Piute Gravel
South Mountain 3.258m (10,688ft) San Juan Gravel
Cove Mountain 3.254m (10,675ft) Sanpete Gravel
Miller Lake 3.247m (10,652ft) Wayne Gravel
Hacking Lake 3.244m (10,643ft) Uintah Gravel
Forest Road 040 3.243m (10,639ft) Duchesne Gravel
Forest Road 4723 3.240m (10,629ft) San Juan Gravel
Patchwork Parkway 3.239m 10,626ftt) Iron Asphalt
Forest Road 132 3.237m (10,620ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 140 3.237m (10,620ft) Garfield Gravel
Cedar Breaks Byway 3.236m (10,616ft) Iron Asphalt
Geyser Pass 3.231m (10,600ft) San Juan Gravel
Chepeta Lake 3.228m (10,590ft) Duchesne Gravel
Sugarloaf Mountain 3.221m (10,567ft) Salt Lake Gravel
Forest Road 514 3.220m (10,564ft) Piute Gravel
Magleby Pass 3.216m (10,551ft) Sevier Gravel
North Tent Mtn 3.214m (10,544ft) Sanpete Gravel
Trail Ridge 3.210m (10,531ft) Sanpete Gravel
Boobe Hole Mtn 3.209m (10,528ft) Sevier Gravel
UM Pass 3.208m (10,524ft) Sevier Gravel
Bull Creek Pass 3.206m (10,518ft) Garfield Gravel
Forest Road 640 3.202m (10,505ft) Sevier Asphalt
Lake Creek Road 3.200m (10,498ft) Beaver Gravel
Supreme lift 3.200m (10,498ft) Salt Lake Gravel