Forest Road 123 - Tushar Mountains

Forest Road 123-Tushar Mountains

Located in the Tushar Mountains of south-central Utah, in Piute County, in USA, the Forest Road 123 is a very challenging drive. The track climbs up to 3.496m (11,469 ft) above the sea level. It’s said to be the Utah’s highest road. The road, also knownand signed as the Big John Flat road, is 16.0 miles long. 

Located within the Fishlake National Forest, the gravel road is narrow and steep past Big john Flat and is not recommended for travel trailers. It links the North Beaver Creek Road and road ends at the paved highway SR-173 near Elk Meadows Ski Resort and Puffer Lake. Forest Road #123 is not plowed during the winter. Please stay on the trail, as both sides of the road over the top are closed year round to any motorized form of travel. The Tushars possess stunning vistas, palpable solitude and nearly unlimited opportunities for unconfined recreation. 4wd vehicles required.
Pic: Shane Bezzant